Community Engagement

Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment and North Colorado Health Alliance are available to provide information and resources for other Thriving Weld current and potential partners looking to better engage communities in identifying, addressing, and evaluating any of the Thriving Weld County’s focus areas.

Community engagement is about the connections between citizens, communities, and organizations in working toward solutions to community problems. There are various levels of community engagement too (see diagram) which have been shown to be effective in achieving goals and improving community outcomes.


To find out more about the principles, processes, and methods of community engagement and local community engagement efforts contact Leslie Beckstrom or Carlee Rosen, and explore the information available here.

Community Engagements Resources


The Minnesota Department of Public Health and Environment has a very comprehensive website

The Colorado Foundation for Public Health and Environment is available to help administer, train, and guide community and academic partnerships in the Western United States.


Two excellent videos from the Colorado Trust are:

Principles of Community Engagement from Mildred Thompson, Director, PolicyLink Center for Health and Place

View the entire presentation here: Creating a More Equitable Society to Achieve Health Equity

Health Equity and Community Engagement Presentation

and Discussion Guide


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the second edition of Principles of Community Engagement which focuses on how to have more effective inclusive collaborations, distills what is known and not known about the topic, and provides information about application of the principles.


The Community Toolbox, which is freely accessible “box of tools” that supports all areas of community-based work, has several relevant sections that describes their model and others that can be used to do community engagement:

Chapter 1: Our Model for Community Change and Improvement

Chapter 2: Other Models for Promoting Community Health and Development