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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of data can I include in the Thriving Weld Dashboard?

A: The Dashboard software handles numerical data (including numbers, percentages, and monetary values) as well as “yes/no” responses.

Q: Why is the “data values” tab grayed out?

A: Once you click “save” in the top right of the screen after editing a measure, this tab will become available and you can return to add data points.

Q: What happens when I change the time period for a measure’s data?

A: Changing the time period on an existing measure will delete all previously entered data for this measure.

Q: Why is my data displaying with fewer decimal places than what I typed into the data entry field?

A: Ensure your unit of measure is correct by navigating to the “edit measure” screen and selecting the appropriate option from the “Unit of Measure” pulldown menu.

Q: What should I do about my color bands if I’ve changed my target value for new data points?

A: In the “data values” tab, hover over the wrench/gear icon on the data point you wish to apply the color band to. Click “apply default without target” to apply your existing color coding scheme to this new value without changing the new target value.

Q: I have a lot of qualitative data that doesn’t seem to fit on the Dashboard. What can I do with this information?

A: You can include these narratives and other non-numerical data in the description boxes within measures, or by creating customized tabs for objectives and measures. To request a customized tab set, please contact Noah Chornyak.


For any other questions about the Thriving Weld Dashboard, contact Noah Chornyak at:

(970) 346-2507 (office)

(802) 318-5200 (cell)