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Scorecard View Explanation

A good way to learn about the components of scorecards and how they work is to explore an existing one, such as the Healthy Eating scorecard. After logging in to the Dashboard, you will first see the home page, as featured immediately below.

Navigate to the Healthy Eating scorecard by first clicking the scorecards tab. Then, use the drop-down arrow on the right of the page to find the Healthy Eating scorecard. You may need to expand the “Public Scorecards” category to see this scorecard.

Once you have navigated to the scorecard, you will see a display featuring rows of objectives and measures as well as columns containing trends and numbers. This is the primary view for scorecard elements. 

Clicking on an objective will bring up the “objective presentation” view, which displays a description of the objective as well as a list of its assigned measures. 

Clicking a measure brings up the “measure at a glance” view, displaying a description, comments, and all data for the measure.