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What are Strategy Maps?

What are Strategy Maps?

Strategy maps are visual plans that display the different ways that organizations in a particular area are working to achieve a shared goal. These interactive tools show the outcomes that the Thriving Weld workgroups wish to realize, the actions they will take to get there, and the resources they can dedicate to these activities. Clicking an item within a strategy map will take you to a page with more information; these spaces can also be linked to relevant data that show progress made.

Strategy maps are meant to be designed, reviewed, and edited collaboratively. These documents showcase the partnerships formed between organizations within a community and provide an easy-to-understand way of visualizing the steps needed to tackle a particular problem. The strategy map seen below is the result of the collaborative decision-making process utilized by the Thriving Weld Healthy Eating work group. This strategy map, as well as the Active Living and Healthy Mind & Spirit maps, were developed after reviewing relevant literature and are evidence-based. While it might sound challenging to gather a large group of people together and reach agreement on the design of the map, our experience has shown that the most effective strategy maps are those that encompass the entirety of the work being done on an issue in a community. Only by actively engaging with our partners can Thriving Weld achieve collective impact.

Below is the Thriving Weld Healthy Eating strategy map as it currently looks (April 2019).