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The Thriving Weld Dashboard is a collective effort to gather, organize, and publish data for the purpose of assessing health in Weld County. Organizations participating in our health data dashboard work together to address complex issues facing our communities. The Thriving Weld Dashboard contains two key components: Strategy Maps and Scorecards. Learn more about each below!


These visual roadmaps display how our community works together to accomplish shared goals. They consist of outcomes, strategies, and assets. Each strategy map is developed collaboratively and is assigned to one of six focus areas: Healthy Eating, Active Living, Healthy Mind & Spirit, Education, Livelihood, or Access to Care. The boxes within strategy maps are clickable and link to scorecards, which track data. View our strategy maps by clicking any of the focus area dials here.



These at-a glance reports track data to monitor progress on goals and strategies. Scorecards consist of objectives (blue icon) and measures (yellow icon). Each measure has a trend, duration, target value, and current value. Objectives and measures are clickable; opening an objective displays all associated measures, while clicking on a measure will present more information including historical data. View our partners\’ scorecards by clicking any link here.



Developed by John Kania and Mark Kramer in 2011, the collective impact framework stresses the importance of structured collaboration between a variety of organizations to create meaningful, lasting change. The Thriving Weld Dashboard adheres to the theory of collective impact and its five conditions, described in greater detail in the video below.