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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Thriving Weld Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Through a collaborative effort new mission, vision, and core values were chosen for Thriving Weld in early 2023. These statements form the foundation for our activities and workgroup programming moving forward. Thriving Weld has evolved over the past decade and updating our mission, vision, and core values ensured that our direction and goals were in alignment with that evolution.


Thriving Weld brings together cross-sector partnerships that leverage relationships, share knowledge and goals, and unite diverse voices so our growing communities can thrive.



Healthy, connected, thriving communities where all people have equitable access to resources that improve quality of life.


Core Values

Collective Impact – We identify, engage, and coordinate partners and resources to achieve our shared initiatives for the benefit of all Weld communities.


Strategic Action – We are intentional in our coordination and action to create and sustain thriving communities.


Data-Driven – We continuously use information, stories, and data to track progress and drive decision making.


Health – We believe that health is holistic, encompassing physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing and drive by social determinants of health (economic stability, education, health care, built environment, and social/community context).

Featured: The Intersection of Housing and Mental Health

University of Denver’s Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab have released a study highlighting areas of Colorado where residents experience both a high rent burden (over 30% of household income goes to housing) as well as a higher than average level of mental illness. The full study can be found here:

In addition, authors Jieun Lee, PhD and Ivan J. Ramírez, PhD created an interactive map to display this information. Check out their work here: