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Editing Blank Strategy Maps

Editing Blank Strategy Maps

This section describes the process by which Thriving Weld workgroups design and edit the strategy map representing their focus area (e.g. Active Living). This information is relevant only if you are organizing and/or attending a workgroup meeting that will involve discussion of your group’s strategy map. Individual organizations do not design their own strategy maps in the context of the Thriving Weld Partnership. 

When building a strategy map, you will first start with a blank powerpoint slide template that you will customize according to your preference. Please contact Noah Chornyak for a copy of this template.


Click on one of the blank blue boxes in this template and type directly into it. Typically, these boxes correspond to various objectives in one or more scorecards, but your workgroup may use any language that clearly conveys the workgroup’s goals.

Feel free to copy and paste additional boxes into the template, delete them, and/or rearrange them. You can also add, delete, or rearrange the arrows in this template.