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Why Are We Doing This?

\"\"Why Are We Doing This?

Strategic learning and shared measurement are key components of our collective work to impact health and wellbeing in our communities. 

Since 2012, Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment and its partners, North Colorado Health Alliance and United Way of Weld County, have developed and supported the Thriving Weld Dashboard at , helping everyone in the community to work more strategically and collaboratively. Over 90 community partner organizations are currently using the Dashboard. Overall, the Dashboard provides an understanding of what’s happening in Weld County around community health issues—our strengths, challenges, and future opportunities. 

Access is available to any partner organization in Weld County working toward one of the Thriving Weld community goal areas. The Dashboard is a secure, easy-to-use, effective collaborative cloud-based platform.

Participation allows for the free use of an internal only and external public-facing site so that organizations can improve collaboration, track data, develop strategy maps, and pool information for reporting purposes. 

Our commitment to the community and Thriving Weld partners is to:

  1. Ensure all organizations that are a part of Thriving Weld initiatives are represented on the Dashboard.
  2. Provide new user training and ongoing technical assistance to all organizations that participate in the Dashboard and use its associated tools.
  3. Work with organizations to ensure that data are up-to-date and presented in meaningful, usable ways for community partners.
  4. Align work across multiple organizations and partners as it relates to each of our six priority areas: healthy eating, active living, healthy mind & spirit, education, livelihood, and access to health care.

Join us in using this powerful tool to measure and track our collective efforts. Together, we can make Weld County the healthiest place to live, learn, work, and play.

For further details or assistance, please contact: 

Noah Chornyak, North Colorado Health Alliance, (970) 346-2507