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Outdoor Rx 4

Thank you for visiting our page!  The Thriving Weld Active Living workgroup has introduced Outdoor Rx, a new and exciting initiative aimed at getting people outdoors. Outdoor Rx is a way to improve physical activity and wellbeing.  We hope you share this with your physician, friends, co-workers, or just use these resources personally to help you with your own wellness journey.

Click here to provide suggestions to improve this page for finding and connecting outdoor spaces, etc.

Below are all parks and recreational facilities located in Weld County, organized by city/town. Click a city/town name to view a list of its parks including their locations, hours, and amenities.



Outdoor Rx Tools and Promotional Materials

Promotional poster


Prescription pad (English)Prescription pad (Spanish):  For Healthcare providers. Help your patients find their dose and get started! 

Promotional flyer for providers

All Outdoor Rx material is available in Spanish. Interested healthcare and mental health providers: please contact the Weld County Health Department at (970) 400-2389 to have materials delivered to your office, provide us feedback and get involved!


“Outdoor Rx helped me find two parks in my town—that I did not know about—and I’ve lived here for 10 years!  I’ve walked every morning for the past month and feel great and lost 5 pounds!”

B.G. – Johnstown 

Do you have a story on how Outdoor Rx has helped you live an active and healthy lifestyle? Please submit stories here!